Student Organization from Hult Business School in Boston.

Environmental Club at John Cabot University.
Student Organization promoting sustainability at John Cabot University.

Non-Profit dedicated to transform lives through entrepreneurship

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset as a toolset for life
JCU Club promoting African culture, politics, and people.

JCU Club promoting Asian culture, language, and customs.
JCU Club that offers an outlet to express artistic abilities through fashion.

Ongoing Projects

Photovoltaic Panel Project:
With the help of Grassroots Club and Climate Countdown Committee, the Business Club has undertaken the responsibility to implement solar panels in JCU campuses.

Guest Speakers

From Biche Designs
17th March 2021

With the Collaboration of the Fashion Club and African Culture Club, Lenora was invited to present the concept behind her brand, how the idea was born, and what she would like to do with it in the future.

Contact Us:


Via della Lungara, 233,
Roma, Italy

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