Projects and Collaborations

Collaborations with:

Student Organization from Hult Business School in Boston.

Environmental Club at John Cabot University.

Student Organization promoting sustainability at John Cabot University.

International Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to transform lives through entrepreneurship.

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset as a toolset for life.

JCU Club promoting African culture, politics, and people.

JCU Club promoting Asian culture, language, and customs.

JCU Club offering an outlet to express artistic abilities through fashion.

Top French Business School operating from several campuses in France and some across the world, such as in London and Singapore,

Company promoting environmental sustainability for the Tuscan area.


Photovoltaic Panel Project:
With the help of the Grassroots Club and Climate Countdown Committee, the Business Society has undertaken the responsibility of implementing solar panels on JCU campuses.
Game Night Fundraiser:
Event organized by the Business Society, students are invited to participate in different games with food and other students in order to raise funds for this society’s activities.
The society offers business trips as an opportunity for its members to have exciting learning and practical experiences around Italy.
Stock Market Project:
With this project, the Business Society members were committed to working together and competing in between groups. Members were able to learn more about stocks and how to invest in order to make the most money and profit and win the competition.
Marketing Project:
Project organized by the Business Society, where students and members take part and work together on a project to develop a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Tuscan environment and the company we are collaborating with: Tuscany Environment Foundation.

Guest Speakers:

From Biche Designs
17th March 2021

With the Collaboration of the Fashion Club and African Culture Club, Lenora was invited to present the concept behind her brand, how the idea was born, and what she would like to do with it in the future.

29th October 2021

With the collaboration of the Asian Cultural Club, we invited Professor Ieva Jakobsone Bellomi to speak to us about the failure of Dolce & Gabbana in the Chinese market due to bad advertising.

Contact Us:


Via della Lungara, 233,
Roma, Italy

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