Starting from this Spring 2022 semester, the society had its first of many upcoming trips and activities that will occur at least once per semester. Trips will take place all over Italy and sometimes even outside the country, and feature various tasks and activities with companies.

Bologna: Lamborghini and Ducati Factory

The society has already held trips to Sant’ Agata Bolognese and Borgo Panigale, where it visited the Lamborghini and Ducati museums and the Ducati Headquarters. While visiting, students had the opportunity to see how a company’s production process works, as well as to know the history of those businesses. During our time there, we also had the opportunity to visit surrounding areas like the city of Bologna with its fascinating cultural and culinary characteristics.

Frankfurt: Stock Exchange Market and Bundesbank Money Museum

During the Spring 2023 semester, from the 2nd to the 4th of January, the Business Society embarked on a trip for a stock market project. The society went to the city of Frankfurt, Germany. During their stay there, they visited the Main Tower, the Bundesbank Money Museum, and The Stock Market Exchange. They also experienced traditional culture such as food. Trip members had the opportunity to take their learning to the next level, especially with the visit to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Bundesbank Money Museum. At the Stock Market Exchange, they experienced the organizational environment of one of the world’s most important stock markets. The visit to the Bundesbank Money Museum allowed them to dive deep into the history of money and explore its evolution from a bartering system to the modern banking system.

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