Padova Enactus Summit

Club’s Project

Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to transform lives through entrepreneurship. Last spring semester John Cabot University’s Business Society organized a trip to Padova near the water city of Venice. Five participants were chosen to compete at the event where we presented the idea of I-NFT-U, in which we challenged numerous universities from Italy on the topic of NFT’s.  

Our Enactus Team

Assunta Mareschi, Tommaso Bartolini, Carlos Santander, Zara Qasim and Davide Ebraheem

The Event

During our stay there, we visited the beautiful historical building of Sala Dei Giganti where more than 100 people attended. An important aspect of these events is also the people that you meet, so networking was a key skill that we put into practice. On the other hand, we also socialized as a team and as friends and got to sightsee the beautiful city. We are expecting to have and to plan more events like this in the future.

Our team with Prof. Silvia Pulino
Sala Dei Giganti
Torre dell’Orologio, City of Padova
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