Our Team

Carlos Santander, President
Majoring in International Business. Experienced in M&A and the corporate world, Carlos is an advocate of sustainable practices such as organic food and regenerative agriculture.
Spoken languages: Spanish, French, and English.

Tommaso Bartolini, Vice-President
Majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Special interests include the Psychology of human behavior to understand interpersonal relationships. Tommaso is a traveler and lover of cultures, especially oriental ones, which endows him with a great spirit to adapt no matter the circumstances and context.
Spoken languages: Italian, English, and Spanish.

Zara Qasim, Secretary
Majoring in International Business and minoring in Psychology, her main interests include travel, business, and fashion. Coming from Pakistan, and now studying abroad in Italy, strengthen her love to meet new people and experience new cultures. She loves to work in a team and is interested in leadership.
Spoken languages: English and Urdu.

Carolina Granaci, Events Coordinator
Majoring in International Business with a double minor in Marketing and Communications, she also works in a part-time job as a Marketing and Customer Service Specialist. Interests include traveling, networking, and foreign languages.
Spoken languages: English, German, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Lynch Ainsley G. Sariola, Treasurer
Majoring in International Business and minoring in Entrepreneurship. The experience of living in both occidental and oriental contexts has allowed her to have an easy understanding of different cultures and people’s behavior. She is inquisitive and open-minded, whose interests are creating digital media content, fashion, and learning about different countries’ culinary traditions.
Spoken languages: Italian, Tagalog, English, Spanish, and French.

Davide Ebraheem, Social Media Manager
Majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship, he also works for a company as a Social Media Manager. Passionate about startups, with a special focus on their sustainability and social impact. Interests include reading, traveling, and web-app coding.
Spoken languages: Italian, English, and Polish.

Giovanni Bindi, Network Manager
Majoring in Business Administration, his main interests are traveling, networking, and business-related. He is open-minded, committed, and always open to new opportunities. Giovanni really enjoys working in an international environment, teamwork, and facing new contexts and challenges successfully.
Spoken languages: Italian, English, and French.

Gabriele Mannering, Associate
Majoring in Business Administration, he also oversees a production line of shoes in the south of Italy. Interests include sports, technology, fashion, and music. He wants to make an impact in the world and contribute to someone’s life in any kind of way.
Spoken languages: Italian, English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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Via della Lungara, 233,
Roma, Italy

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